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Home Buyer’s Guide to Well Inspections and Water Tests

Our highly skilled technicians

Will examine both the well equipment and test the quality and safety of your water. While inspecting the equipment, they will check the condition of the well and its parts, including the pump, casing, storage tank, cap, and vents. They will also perform a visual check on all seals, gaskets, screens, and overflows.

Our technicians are familiar with both state and county regulations so they can ensure your system, its source, and the area around the well is up to code and compliant with local ordinances like setbacks.
During the well inspection, the technician will watch for common problems that can cause health issues such as rust on the pressure tank, low pressure levels, faulty gauges, and cloudy water in the well pipes.

Following the physical inspection

Your technician takes samples of your well water and sends them to a state-certified lab. The samples are tested for microbes, harmful bacteria like E. coli, toxic substances like arsenic, contaminants like radon, and levels of other substances like fluoride and sulfate.

Once the lab has analyzed your sample, we will provide a report of the results. We combine this report with our own evaluation of the well system. If required, you will turn this information in to your local health department who will review and approve it. If it is not approved, we will work together to take corrective action and ensure the safety of your water supply.

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